Ordinance 2018-2 Amending Construction & Repairs to Sidewalks


   The Village Board of the Village of Reedsville does ordain as follows:

That section 2-1-3 of the Reedsville Village Code is amended to read as follows:


 When sidewalk are to be constructed:

  1. The Village Board may, from time to time by resolution, determine where sidewalks shall be constructed and order the same be laid according to the specifications and grade provided in this code. Criteria to be considered for installation include: location of sidewalk, expected amount of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, safety, and budget.
  2. Owners of lots in newly developed areas shall have no obligation to construct sidewalks until sixty percent (60%) one hundred percent (100%) of the number of lots in such block have been built upon.
  3. When a street is to be constructed or reconstructed with new curb and gutter, sidewalks shall be constructed along each side of the street in said blocks.
  4. Existing sidewalks: Sidewalks shall be reconstructed in front of any parcel, at no cost to property owner, where fifty percent 50% or more of existing sidewalks is built to acceptable grade, and in serviceable condition, 
  5. Sidewalks shall be constructed along the side of the street in any Village block where fifty percent (50%) or more of the property in the block have sidewalks.
  6. Sidewalks shall not be required in existing permanent cul de sacs unless the property owners wish that sidewalks be installed in the area abutting their property. 
  7. No person shall remove any sidewalk without the permission of the Village Board.
  8. When work is done on public sidewalks within the street right-of-way, handicapped access ramps shall be installed where required.
  9. Trees affecting sidewalk, or curb and gutters, shall be removed. Trees on private land shall be removed by the property owner at the property owner’s cost, after notificationDated this 8th day of March, 2018.