Public Works Department

General Information

1. Winter Parking Restriction: No person shall park any vehicle on any street or alley in the Village between 2:30am to 6:00am of any day from November 1st to April 1st unless permission to do so is received from the Police Department.

2. Snow & Ice Removal: The owner or occupant of any lot abutting on a public sidewalk shall clear their sidewalk of snow within 24 hours after a snowfall and keep the same free of ice. If such snow or ice is not removed as required, the Street Department shall cause the same to be done and a fee will be assessed against he property owner pursuant to Sec 66.60(16) WI Stat. It is illegal to place snow or ice on a Village street. It is illegal to push snow across the street from your residence or business.

3. Snow Covered Fire Hydrants: We are asking that you help us by keeping the fire hydrant closest to your residence or business clear of snow. Snow should be removed about 3 feet away from the hydrant in all directions.

4. Sump Pump Discharge: Sump pump may not be discharged onto any street or public way from October 1st to April 1st of each year.

5. Brush Pick Up: Brush and branches can be taken to the area designated near the compost site. Curbside chipping will be done the 1st and 3rd Tuesday in the month of April and May.

6. Grass Clippings and Leaves: Are NOT to be blown on Village streets or put into the Creek. Yard waste, such as grass clippings, leaves, and yard and garden waste shall be disposed of by composting the material or leaving it at the Village compost site located at 300 Mud Creek Road.

7. Compost: Items NOT to be put in the compost are: stumps, roots, schrubs with intact root balls, pine cones, animal waste, and sod. A sign will be erected by the compost site that is ready to be used by public.

8. Storm Sewers: Rain or melting snow wash soil, litter, pet waste, fertilizer, leaves and grass clippings off the pavement and into the storm sewer. Anything that washes down the storm sewers winds up in local lakes, rivers or streams – not the Wastewater Treatment Facility. Items disposed off down the storm sewers may kill fish and increase weed and algae growth. Remember to remove leaves and grass clippings from sewer grates to prevent street flooding.

9. Solid Waste & Recycling Service: The Village has contracted with Deyo Disposal Inc. to provide solid waste and single stream recycling services. Please place trash (grey cart) at the curb by 6:00am on Fridays. Collection for recycling (green cart) is every other Friday. If you need to obtain or replace the carts, contact Deyo Disposal at 920-864-5808. Holiday Service: If the collection date shall fall on a holiday, collection shall occur on the Thursday before the holiday.

10. Report a Street Light Outage: Contact Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) at 1-800-450-7260 or on their website


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