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The Big Picture

A community-wide survey was recently conducted. While we received many responses, there was one solid commonality…our citizens want a grocery store here in Reedsville. Growth and development is a priority and is put in a formula that requires you to look at “The Big Picture”, and a grocery store is one addition that is seen as a centerpiece in the future of Reedsville.

Many things have been done to start opening our doors to development while maintaining the small-town feel. The Village is ready to welcome business, industry, and housing developments based on the foundation of our community values.

I believe the attitude of Reedsville is the simple idea of what stays in our community is an investment in ourselves and our future. The Reedsville Area Business Association (RABA) and Reedsville Association for Growth and Development (RAGD) have dedicated their goals, both long and short term, to this local support and now need to build on it. We are learning to celebrate and encourage the practices of purchasing local and want to give our citizens an alternative to driving distances to obtain items that could be purchased here.

I also would like to suggest Reedsville, Hwy 10 running East to West, as a prime location for a grocery store. Not only do you gain the Reedsville customers, you gain all of the surrounding areas including: Cato, Whitelaw, Wayside, Morrison, Maple Grove, Collins, and numerous others. While these are not cities, they are growing and will continue to grow and demand a more local grocery center.

The intersection of County Hwy W and County Hwy 10 includes traffic from Hwy 151 to Green Bay, Bellevue, and DePere, and is a heavily populated traffic route. How can you go wrong drawing the outside dollar, especially in the summer when the gas station and A&W across the street are full of hunter, RV’s, Campers, vacationers, coming from the West. Simply put, Hwy 10 is a self-made billboard and convenient stop for many.

As you consider looking into this proposal remember that just because Reedsville is a small town, it is not a logical reason to keep us from the potentially valuable business we could provide. The way our community will grow is through the commitment made by local businesses, our residents, and whoever is lucky to build in the Village of Reedsville and reap from a wealth of good hearted people filled with local pride.

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