History of the Village of Reedsville

Reedsville is named after Judge George Reed of Manitowoc. Judge Reed and Jacob Lueps purchased the south half of section 35 of the present town of Maple Grove. They had it surveyed and platted by George Wimpf in 1854. At that time it totalled 56 blocks in all. For years afterwards it was known as "Mud Creek" after the small stream by that name flowing through the town. It wasn't until many years later residents agreed it be named Reedsville in honor of that astute gentleman.

In early times, lumbering, sawmills and factories were the most important businesses of the village. Early residents included French Canadians, Menomonee Indians, then later farmers from Germany, Bohemia and Ireland also came to Reedsville. Reedsville became a corporated village in 1892 with a census of 510.

Situated in the center of a dairy and agricultural region, Reedsville is also centrally located to metropolitan areas including the Fox Valley, Green Bay, Manitowoc and Milwaukee. The surrounding landscape includes large areas of nature preserves, including the Collins Marsh, a 4,200 acre state-owned wildlife and wetland refuge. Numerous lakes are also found within a 10 mile radius to delight the sportsmen, picnickers, bikers and nature-lovers.

Among the top rated features Reedsville residents value are: it's a safe, clean community with pride in heritage; friendly people with good work ethics; excellent services including the public and private schools, fire department, police department and first responders; an active local government; and its central location to large cities and major interstate highways.

The Story of William Henry Noble Reedsville First Village President


William Henry Noble was born in 1837 in Ogdensburg, New York.  He came to Manitowoc in the 1850’s with his parents and lived a pioneer life. When he was young, he learned how to be a carpenter. Noble enlisted as a private during the American Civil War. On April 15, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.  For 19 days, the President’s body traveled to 11 cities for a funeral procession.  Noble was picked as one of the eight members to be a guard of honor and pallbearer for Lincoln’s funeral.  He was chosen because he was known to be a loyal and trustworthy soldier.  After the war, Noble moved to Manitowoc and married Jean Anderson.  The couple later moved to Reedsville. In 1892, Noble and other residents helped to establish Reedsville as a village.  He became our first village president! In 1894, Noble died from pneumonia.  The Reedsville Elementary third grade students are excited to share this part of our history with the residents of Reedsville.

Written by the Reedsville Elementary Third Grade Students, May, 2017

Monica, Sophia, Lilie, John, Kortney, Xander, Isabell, Cordell, Wyatt, Castel, Dylan, Jydn, Elsianna, Jayden, Carter P., Quintin, Ella, Caleb, Jack, Veronica, Kylie, Laken, Deegan, Nathan, Brielle, Jadynn, Bryanna, Carter H. , Ashley, Chase, Ben, Bryan, Megan, Adrianna, Dakota, Sophie, Bradyn, Howie, William, Jeanina, and their teachers: Mrs. Spatchek and Mrs. Meshak