Reedsville Profile

Founded: 1892
Population in 2010: 1206
Education Facilities: Public & Private
Health Facilities: Reedsville Fitness Center
Located in Reedsville Elementary/Middle School


Electric supplier: Wisconsin Public Service
Supplier type: Investor owned
Natural Gas supplier: Wisconsin Public Service
Pipeline source: ANR Pipeline Company
Water source: Municipal water system
Sanitary Sewer: Municipal sewer system
Telecommunications: Verizon North Telephone

About the Waste Water Treatment Facility & Water Utility

Municipal Services

Local Government: President/Village Board
Fire Department personnel: 30
First Responder personnel: 14
Police Department personnel: 2

Tax Structure

State, County, Reedsville School District, Lakeshore Technical College

Retail Sales: 5%

Transportation Services

Rail service provider: None
Motor carrier: None
Hwys serving city: US Hwy 10
Port services: None available locally
Air service: None
Nearest public airport: Outagamie County Airport
Distance to nearest public airport: 30 miles

Top Three Major Area Employers (within 8 miles): Ariens Company, Endries Inc., Professional Plating

Top Four Local Employers: Reedsville School District, Country Visions Co-op, Bill Lorrigan Construction, Equity Livestock Auction

Labor Force Summary Data (Seasonally adjusted)

Manitowoc County Labor Force: 24,800