Littering Streets Prohibited

Littering Streets Prohibited: No person shall place, throw, deposit, dump, scatter, leave or permit to remain any rubbish, paper, stone, wire, manure, snow, ice, dirt, grass, leaves, construction or yard waste, dirt or filthy substance upon the street, gutter, sidewalk, alley or public ground in the village. Each owner or occupant of any building, dwelling house, store, shop, tenement or structure of any kind and description fronting or abutting on any street, sidewalk, gutter, alley or public ground shall clean the same by sweeping, scraping or shoveling such rubbish, dirt or filth from the sidewalk by or before twelve o’clock (12:00) noon of each day, and shall cooperate with the street commissioner in keeping the streets, alleys, gutters and public grounds in a clean, tidy and orderly manner.